American Mail-Order Brides Series

Have you caught AMOB fever?

What's AMOB, you ask? It's only an unprecedented 50-book mail-order bride series, one for all 50 states, called American Mail-Order Brides. One book will be released every day until January 7. My contribution to the project is Poppy, Bride of Alaska, which is available for pre-order now HERE (releasing January 6) but keep reading to find out how to read it — and all the other books in the series — for next to nothing.



She wants a new life. He wants his old one back. They need each other to make it happen.

Power, prestige, wealth. Life was good for Matthew Turner, until his family was swindled out of their fortune. Now he must hunt down the man responsible to recover his inheritance. When the trail leads to Sitka, Alaska, stone-broke Matthew resorts to signing on with a missionary group willing to pay his way.

The only catch? He needs to be married.

Poverty, hunger, abuse. Fiercely independent Poppy Adams is desperate to escape her old life but her only chance is to do the one thing she vowed to never do: Become a mail-order bride.

Poppy knows better than to trust any man at his word, but there’s something about her new — gulp! — husband that threatens to break down her defenses. Matthew doesn’t want a wife, but he can’t resist being charmed by her no-nonsense manner and cerulean blue gaze.

In order for them to have a future, however, they must first let go of the past.

(Available in Kindle Unlimited on January 6)

Check out the rest of the series at


…and be sure to stop by the American Mail-Order Bride Facebook page for the chance to scoop up goodies almost every day AND a chance at a Kindle Fire pre-loaded with your favorite authors books.

What the heck is Kindle Unlimited?

What? Fifty books at almost three bucks each? That's a lot of scratch. Well, I have good news for you. All the books in the series can be read as part of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. Click HERE to find out more about this awesome way to save over a hundred bucks.

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