NEW RELEASE! Rocky Mountain Hero (Roberts of Silver Springs 2)

Rocky Mountain Hero (Roberts of Silver Springs 2)

He’s nobody’s hero.

Spike Roberts has no idea why everyone in his hometown of Silver Springs, Colorado thinks he’s a hero. Fixing someone’s flat tire or rescuing a stranded kitten isn’t the stuff of legends. It isn’t until Amy Sanderson drops into his life that he decides being a hero isn’t such a bad thing after all — as long as he can be her hero.

Life hasn’t been easy for Amy, but she’s come out the other side stronger and wiser. Now her two jobs and rambunctious, young son keep her too busy to date — even if she wanted to. Then thrill-seeking vagabond Spike Roberts asks her out, and she knows better than to say yes. But she does it anyway.

When Amy’s past becomes very much present, they’re left wondering if their small town romance can survive a big time scandal.

NEW RELEASE! Back Home Again (A Small Town Romance)

Back Home Again (Yosemite Flats 1)

Alexandria Luther vowed to never return to her hometown, yet here she is, passing the ‘Welcome to Yosemite Flats’ sign. Drawn back by family obligations, she’s heading straight home to LA as soon as she can — despite pressure from her loved ones to stay. Nothing can persuade her that small town life is for her…until she meets Grayson, the town’s newest resident and most eligible bachelor.

Life moves a little slower in Yosemite Flats, and that’s just the way resort owner Grayson Conrad likes it. He moved to the Sierra Nevada foothills to raise his young daughter far from the hustle and glitz of Los Angeles. So when Lex blows into town like a hurricane, he fights his attraction in order to save his sanity — and his heart. The only problem is, he fails.

Now he just needs to convince her that home really can be where the heart is.

The Marshal’s Rebellious Bride (A Dalton Brides Book)

Free to read with Kindle Unlimited

The Marshal's Rebellious Bride (A Dalton Brides Book)

The Marshal's Rebellious Bride was originally published in the Cowboys & Calico anthology and is now available on Amazon.

He’s hunting a killer but he’s met his match in her.

U.S. Marshal Curtis ‘Griff’ Griffith is on the trail of a wanted man. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by the newest resident of the Dalton Brothers Ranch. So why does he keep returning? It’s certainly not to see the beautiful-but-bullheaded Catherine James.

Catherine has no interest in men or marriage but there aren’t many choices for single ladies to earn a living on a remote Texas ranch. When she discovers that she holds the key to capturing the outlaw — and collecting some of the reward — she doesn’t hesitate to force Griff’s hand.

Will they kill each other before they find the murderer, or will they risk their damaged hearts for a shot at a new life?


NEW RELEASE! Cowboys & Calico

UPDATE: This anthology is no longer available, but you can find my entry The Marshal's Rebellious Bride on Amazon.



I was overjoyed to be invited to participate in an anthology with some of my favorite people. Cowboys & Calico features ALL-NEW historical western romances from Kirsten Osbourne, Amelia Adams, Margery Scott, Kristin Holt and myself. My contribution is The Marshal's Rebellious Bride, and is part of The Dalton Bride series. It's free to read for Kindle Unlimited members, or just 99¢.


Five bestselling Western romance authors come together to bring you one collection of all-new stories that will sweep you off your feet!

MAIL ORDER MIDWIFE by Kirsten Osbourne – Widowed midwife Patsy Lawrence spent too much time working and not enough with her young daughter. She knew Emily's childhood would be over before she realized it, so she responded to an ad for a mail-order bride, hoping for a better future for them both.

Dr. Wesley Hardy needed a wife to complete him, so he sent a letter to a mail-order bride agency back East. When he received a letter from a widow with a young daughter, he was thrilled with everything but her profession. Could he live with the fact that his new bride was a midwife? Or would they be destined to live without love for the rest of their days?

A BROKEN WING by Amelia C. Adams – Bored beyond all reason while riding a train from Missouri to Colorado, Trinity Scott amuses herself by imagining things about the passengers around her, including the handsome man sitting across the aisle. With his dark curly hair and warm brown eyes, he’s certainly intriguing, and the fact that his arm is in a sling makes him all the more a curiosity.

But when three dangerous men board the train, her desire for adventure and excitement takes a sinister turn, and she must call on her inner strength to do what’s needed to survive.

THE MARSHAL’S REBELLIOUS BRIDE by Cassie Hayes – U.S. Marshal Curtis ‘Griff’ Griffith is on the trail of a wanted man. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by the newest resident of the Dalton Brothers Ranch. So why does he keep returning? It’s certainly not to see the beautiful-but-bullheaded Catherine James.

Catherine has no interest in men or marriage, but there aren’t many choices for single ladies to earn a living on a remote Texas ranch. When she discovers that she holds the key to capturing the outlaw — and collecting some of the reward — she doesn’t hesitate to force Griff’s hand.

Will they kill each other before they find the murderer, or will they risk their damaged hearts for a shot at a new life?

COURTING MISS CARTWRIGHT by Kristin Holt – Courtship, by the book, is supposed to be easy…

As the daughter of an unwed mother, Felicity Percival is accustomed to rejection. Her mother was her only family … until she is summoned to the reading of her father's will. To learn he was a married preacher with a second daughter horrifies her. The stipulations attached to her inheritance infuriate her. The last thing she expects is the emergence of truths that destroy her life-long beliefs. The last thing she wants is to feel the blush of first love for a man she can't have.

The road to Happily Ever After should not be rocky, especially for level-headed, rule-following Rocky Gideon. His courtship of the minister’s daughter is successful and on track, surviving everything life throws at them … except the appearance of the preacher’s other daughter. Felicity asks too many questions, forces him to evaluate his carefully constructed plan, and somehow steals his heart.

Rocky desperately needs a solid marriage that will go the distance … so why does he yearn for the wrong sister?

WANTED: THE PERFECT HUSBAND by Margery Scott – Sybil Franklin needs a husband—fast! In order to keep her ranch, she must be married within thirteen days. Devin McGregor meets all her requirements and comes highly recommended, but he has no interest in marriage.

Devin McGregor had a ranch once, a fiancée, a future. He made a mistake, and it cost him everything. Now, even though he’d love to own his own land again, he’s afraid to risk failure.

Sybil decides to post an advertisement for the perfect husband. As Devin tries to protect her from being taken advantage of, his feelings for her grow, but his fear of failing her won’t let him accept her proposal.

Both Sybil and Devin have choices, but making the right choice means they could both lose everything.


NEW RELEASE! Hope on the Horizon



My latest novel HOPE ON THE HORIZON released on February 9 along with 13 other authors to launch Debra Holland's Montana Sky Kindle World. These are contracted standalone books set within the ‘world' Debra created around the fictional Montana towns of Sweetwater Springs and Morgan's Crossing. What an incredible experience to be invited to join the launch of Debra's world, in addition to working with so many talented authors! I hope you enjoy each book in the series!

Hope on the Horizon

Jasper Eaton couldn’t be happier with his life. Despite having the deck stacked against him, he beat the odds and found himself a home in Morgan’s Crossing, Montana. He has friends, a farm and a future brighter than the stars in the night sky. Nope, he couldn’t be happier…could he?

Cora Winters is a good girl who always does what she’s told. When she’s forced to marry an older man headed west, she never dreams she’ll end up widowed, injured and left for dead by the side of the road.

After Jasper rescues her, a friendship blooms and they each dare to dream of a better life together. But when Cora’s past comes back to haunt them both, a gunman’s bullet threatens to kill their future before it even begins.

American Mail-Order Brides Series

Have you caught AMOB fever?

What's AMOB, you ask? It's only an unprecedented 50-book mail-order bride series, one for all 50 states, called American Mail-Order Brides. One book will be released every day until January 7. My contribution to the project is Poppy, Bride of Alaska, which is available for pre-order now HERE (releasing January 6) but keep reading to find out how to read it — and all the other books in the series — for next to nothing.



She wants a new life. He wants his old one back. They need each other to make it happen.

Power, prestige, wealth. Life was good for Matthew Turner, until his family was swindled out of their fortune. Now he must hunt down the man responsible to recover his inheritance. When the trail leads to Sitka, Alaska, stone-broke Matthew resorts to signing on with a missionary group willing to pay his way.

The only catch? He needs to be married.

Poverty, hunger, abuse. Fiercely independent Poppy Adams is desperate to escape her old life but her only chance is to do the one thing she vowed to never do: Become a mail-order bride.

Poppy knows better than to trust any man at his word, but there’s something about her new — gulp! — husband that threatens to break down her defenses. Matthew doesn’t want a wife, but he can’t resist being charmed by her no-nonsense manner and cerulean blue gaze.

In order for them to have a future, however, they must first let go of the past.

(Available in Kindle Unlimited on January 6)

Check out the rest of the series at


…and be sure to stop by the American Mail-Order Bride Facebook page for the chance to scoop up goodies almost every day AND a chance at a Kindle Fire pre-loaded with your favorite authors books.

What the heck is Kindle Unlimited?

What? Fifty books at almost three bucks each? That's a lot of scratch. Well, I have good news for you. All the books in the series can be read as part of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. Click HERE to find out more about this awesome way to save over a hundred bucks.

NEW RELEASE! The Dalton Brides

At a writer's conference this summer, Kirsten Osbourne approached Kit Morgan and me to see if we'd be interested in writing connected books in a shared world. We looked at each other and said, “Uh, yeah!” This is the result:

Introducing The Dalton Brides series. The first three books in the series introduce us to the Dalton brothers, three very handsome triplets, and the Blue sisters from Beckham, Massachusetts. If you're a fan of Kirsten's, you know what this means — they're mail-order brides!

To whet your appetite, we released The Escape, the prolouge to each book co-written by all three of us, about a week before the rest of the series. It includes excerpts from each book. You can download it free at all the major e-tailers, or you can find it in the front of each book.

The Escape (A Prologue): The Dalton Brides

The Escape (A Prologue): The Dalton Brides

Our individual books follow each couple, but the other couples play important roles in each story.

The Rancher's Mail-Order Bride by Kirsten Osbourne follows Walton Dalton and Gwen Blue
The Cowboy's Mail-Order Bride by Kit Morgan follows Nate Dalton and Libby Blue
The Drifter's Mail-Order Bride by me follows Bart Dalton and Bonnie Blue

The Dalton Brides series

The Dalton Brides series

The Drifter's Mail-Order Bride can be found at:
Barnes & Noble
Page Foundry

Happy reading!

Pioneer Hearts Author Sale

I'm so happy to announce the first ever Pioneer Hearts 99¢ Western Romance Event!


What's Pioneer Hearts, you ask? It's just the best darned group on Facebook! It's a place where authors and readers can discuss their favorite genre (historical western romance), get book recommendations, share recipes and generally act like a bunch of teenagers. Come check it out!

We authors decided to give back to our group and organized this massive western romance sale through the weekend, but we're inviting everyone to join in the fun. Not only are 29 books on sale for just 99¢ each on Amazon — many of those are also on sale at Barnes & Noble and iBooks — but we're also having a raffle for some fantastic prizes (enter at the end of this post).

Check out these fantastic offerings from some of the leading names in western romance. Just click the button below for your favorite store, or click any cover to find out more about it on Amazon.

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Want to one one of two $10 Amazon gift cards? Share our sale and follow our authors! You could also win signed books, a beautiful turquoise pendant necklace (voted a favorite by the Pioneer Hearts Readers Group!), and more! See Rafflecopter here and win!


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